Winter Whitening Special


Would you like to look whiter and brighter this winter with our new White Dental Beauty at home whitening system?


This product is proven, effective and predictable. NOVON’s unique formula gives White Dental Beauty gel an unsurpassed accelerated bleaching action which is safe, effective and kind to the teeth.


Once again this winter we would like to offer you $50.00 off our Home Tooth Whitening package. This offer applies when booked at the completion of your general dental check up with Gwen.


Our offer includes; upper and lower impressions, upper and lower whitening trays, tray case, 4x 3ml syringes of whitening agent and written home usage instructions.

When we issue your trays we will explain fully how to use your whitening package and we will review your progress


Normally valued at $450.00 you will only pay $400.00.

NB; Patients with existing bleach trays, refills are at a reduced price of $30.00, normally you would pay $40.00