Dr Gwendolin Flanagan

My child may not cooperate. Should I still bring them to the dentist?

Yes. A child who has a tough time sitting still will need additional support in getting used to the dental office. We can help them become familiar with the surroundings so that when it is time for their dental cleaning, they will be relaxed and comfortable.


In addition to our best wishes for the Christmas season,
my team and I want to extend our sincere thanks to all of you, our wonderful patients, for your understanding and very difficult Covid Lockdown.
I am glad to say that my team and I feel confident that we have risen to the challenge and are ready to welcome you back to our practice.

Over the Christmas period we will be closing at 1.00pm on the 23rd of December 2021 and reopening on the 13th of January 2022

We wish you all the joy of the Christmas Season and stay safe over the holiday period.

From Gwen, Tash, Leesa, Stacey, Danni, Louise, Shelly, Rachael and Lisa